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New Capabilities Delivered in WebSphere Commerce Professional Version 5.6

Analytics and Business Intelligence
WebSphere Commerce Analyzer is now integrated with Tivoli(R) Web Site Analyzer, allowing you to create reports based on its powerful click-stream analysis capabilities. WebSphere Commerce Analyzer also includes redesigned installation and configuration components, decreasing install time.

The help system for WebSphere Commerce has been replaced by an information center, featuring advanced search, bookmark function, and roles-based information retrieval.

Reference applications for CRM, ERP, and call center applications.

The promotions system has been completely redesigned and now it also supports redemption limits and promotion codes.

Sales Catalogs
A flexible display structure that allows you to associate products to more than one category to suit the requirements of your store

Business User Interface
Main menu interface enhancements, efficiencies around managing bundles and kits and merchandising associations.

Starter Stores Improvement
The starter store models for WebSphere Commerce have been re-written to make them smaller and easier to customize, greatly improving your project time to value

WebSphere Commerce Payments
The 3-D Secure Merchant Plug in is now included with the installation

Capabilities Delivered in Prior Versions But Core to Meeting Customer Requirements

Marketing and Merchandising
Deliver enhanced targeted e-mail campaign, advanced rules-based discounts or promotions and improved tooling for merchandising associations such as cross sells and up sells.

      • E-mail support
        - E-mail delivery of news and promotions
        - Manage e-mail activities at store level instead of site level and view statistics on e-mail activities
      • Marketing campaigns
        - Support e-mail as a campaign delivery mechanism
        - Time sharing of multiple initiatives on same spot
      • Advanced discounts and promotions
        - Rules-based discount supports complex promotion models such as shipping discount and buy one get one free
        - Supports advanced scheduler for upcoming promotions
      • Coupons enhancements
        - Allow guest shoppers to capture and redeem eCoupons and manage eCoupons using a coupon wallet
        - Allow merchandiser to create eCoupons promotion, and manage eCoupon promotion and modify eCoupon promotion terms
      • Cross-sells and up-sells
        - Enhancements in merchandising and campaigns tooling allow target product to be recommended at runtime based on the content of the current page, shopping cart and previous purchases
        - Predefined merchandising associations in catalog

Guided Selling
An interactive online product catalog that provides customers with different ways of finding what they want, called shopping metaphors.

      • Creating a search space - optimized parametric search with focus on categories and base search space
      • Creating the Product Exploration metaphor - view a list of product which has matching parameter values within a given category.
      • Creating the Product Comparison metaphor - view the related products side by side for similarities and differences
      • Creating a Guided Sell metaphor - Provides a customer a series of multiple choice questions to guide the customer to refines their search to a smaller list of products.

Catalog Management Tooling

      • Simplify product content management:
      • Content Creation and Management allows users to perform product and editorial content creation and management tasks quickly and effectively.
      • Bulk File Aggregation enhances bulk file management tools to provide out-of-the-box support for importing content from trading partners and bulk file import support to catalog manager

For enterprise needs:

      • IBM WebSphere Business Integration support - Provide a new transport mechanism used by subsystems to interact with external systems through WebSphere Business Integration collaborations.
      • WebSphere Commerce Messaging system - existing WebSphere Commerce Common Connector Framework is enhanced to support Java 2 Enterprise Edition Connector Architecture (J2EE/CA) standard including Java Mail Connector, JMS Connector and File Connector
      • MQ Transport Adapter - upgrades to support J2EE/CA compliant

Live Help and Customer Care Collaboration
Offers an integrated out-of-the-box "live help" and customer care functions based on Lotus(R) Sametime(R).

      • Support multiple queues and provide enhanced capabilities on queue management
      • Support monitoring of customized customer attributes in a store
      • Support customer requests to be routed into queues

Analytics and Business Intelligence

      • WebSphere(R) Commerce Analyzer is an analytical solution packaged with WebSphere Commerce.
      • WebSphere Commerce Analyzer enables WebSphere Commerce customers to analyze information related to their customers' e-commerce activities. WebSphere Commerce customers can improve the effectiveness of their company's marketing campaigns and promotions.
      • A Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure is integrated with the following IBM Data Management programs:
        - DB2(R) Universal Database(TM) Enterprise Server Edition V8.1
        - Intelligent Miner for Data V8.1
      • A documented and customizable datamart.
      • Extraction, transformation, move and load (ETML) functions to extract and transform WebSphere Commerce operational data sources using aggregation and summarizing techniques. This now includes support for coupons, discounts and multiple stores.
      • Data mining models, which enable the analyzing of complex data characterizations, relationships, and projections with regard to customer segmentation.
      • End-user Web analytical reporting enablement for WebSphere Commerce's Reporting Framework.

Operational Report
Based on WebSphere Commerce Reporting Framework, the system can generate reports in real time. These reports can provide useful information about the sales, traffic, and customers from your site.

Tivoli Web Site Analyzer V4.2
Helps turn raw Web data into valuable e-business intelligence. It provides you with a clear picture of the overall health and integrity of your e-business infrastructure supporting business impact management.

WebSphere Commerce Payments
Provides a secure electronic payment process for Internet merchants through a single, unified interface. Based on open standards technology, WebSphere Commerce Payments works with plug-ins called "payment cassettes" to support multiple payment protocols.

System Management
WebSphere Commerce provides the following:

      • Organization and User Administration
      • Problem Determination - automatically validates the correctness of WebSphere Commerce Installation and instance creation and JRas, the WebSphere Commerce logging infrastructure consolidated with WebSphere Application Server to allow for use of common tooling and to correlate logging data throughout the system
      • Performance Monitoring - Integrated use of WebSphere Application Server PMI (Performance Monitoring Interface) enabling WebSphere Commerce data to be viewed through the Tivoli Performance Viewer.

Installation and configuration to ensure a system is installed correctly and prerequisites are available:

      • WebSphere Commerce and all its associated software is installed through the WebSphere Commerce Install Shield based on Install Shield for Multiplatform Edition.
      • Configuration Manger supports remote machine configurations and an addition of Password Manager Tool which lets you to manage their WebSphere Commerce passwords from a single location.
      • A new Problem Determination Tool, a Java-based tool that analyzes the up and running logs and generates reports for problem trouble shooting.

Web Services
WebSphere Commerce can be the service provider by enabling its business functions as Web services that can be accessed by external systems. Also, WebSphere Commerce can be the service requester by enabling it to invoke Web services hosted by external systems.

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