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Atlantis launches Duke's AIEA website (Association of International Education Administrators) and receives official letter of recommendation from client.

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You probably know a really great website when you see one. It has you entranced, coming back to it time and time again to seek updates, make connections, and learn. Atlantis Internet Technologies has been designing, implementing and deploying these kinds of sites for a decade. The main purpose of these sites is to harness, grow and retain a community.

What We Can Do
What we can for you in this arena includes:

  · Intuitive navigation and site presentation that offers fresh content
  · Custom applications that can be fed into the site that offers useful tools to your clientele
  · The installation and customization of content management systems
  · Onsite communication tools (messageboards/ecards)
  · Driving beans-for-rice strategic partnerships
  · Intranets
  · Extranets

Our community driven websites have been featured in publications like Barrons, the Wall Street Journal and BBC World.

Make a statement with your website. Break out of the mold. Contact Atlantis, a team with experience.


Marketing, Dynamic Portals

While it was certainly true in the past that many more males played computer games than females, the gap has been closing for some time now. Currently, there is only a 7% -15% margin between the number of males who play games versus the number of females. WomenGamers.Com wanted to provide high quality, unique content and a strong focus to its core audience.

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