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Atlantis launches Duke's AIEA website (Association of International Education Administrators) and receives official letter of recommendation from client.

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As the Internet evolves and consumer expectations grow, simple shopping cart sites have difficulties retaining customers. Online shoppers require more robust shopping portals and solutions that can help them shop smartly by recommending complimentary products that match their profile, or by offering additional services and community-enhancing features.

If your company is ready to upgrade your e-commerce store you need to ensure that you choose a solution that is easily portable, scalable, integrates with your ERP system, and offers all of the bells and whistles that can boost profitability. As an IBM Business Partner, Atlantis harnesses the new e-commerce product lines launched from the IBM software labs to provide you with software that can grow with your online strategy. IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite product line offers out of the box B-to-B, B-to-C, cross-sell and upsell, advanced reporting and auction capabilities that will put your business ahead of the competition.

WebSphere(R) Commerce 5.6 capabilities enable the portfolio to better meet the on demand business needs of customers via enhancements that enable:

  · Tighter integration across multiple sales channels
  · Comprehensive extended demand-chain functionality
  · Single-platform support for multiple business models.

Benefits of the new release include reduced total cost of ownership, improved ROI (return on investment), enhanced business user experience, and an optimized solution for small and medium businesses.

WebSphere(R) Commerce Professional Edition increases site functionality for B2B (business-to-business) enterprises and B2C (business-to-consumer) retailers by enhancing customer buying experiences, improving operational efficiencies, and supporting high transaction volumes. WebSphere Commerce Professional Edition supports the Consumer Direct business model.

Consumer Direct supports commerce transactions involving products, services, or information between businesses and consumers. The business can be a retailer, a manufacturer who sells their goods directly to consumers through their own retail outlet, or any other business that sells goods or provides services directly to consumers. For example, a business that sells to consumers directly through a catalog would be considered a consumer direct business. Organizations that are not traditionally considered businesses, such as governments, can also be considered consumer direct sellers. Governments may provide goods and services directly to citizens (government customers).

IBM WebSphere Commerce Professional Edition provides enhancements over previous versions and supports the enterprise capabilities listed in this document.

  More on WebSphere Commerce Professional Capabilities
  Atlantis also integrates Taxware will all WebSphere Commerce products

Contact us if you want a team with experience to help launch you into the e-marketplace.

Atlantis is a privately held IBM business partner headquartered in Cary, North Carolina.


Burt's Bees

e-Commerce Expansion

Burt's Bees wished to migrate to a more robust e-commerce system that was able to sustain their traffic growth. Additionally, they were seeking a platform that could be flexible enough to serve all of their more customized needs. Atlantis chose IBM's Websphere Commerce Suite as the platform of choice and created a retail site that within the first week of launch sustained a profit growth of over 50%.

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