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Atlantis launches Duke's AIEA website (Association of International Education Administrators) and receives official letter of recommendation from client.

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Are you ready to embark in the online world of retail? Our experienced team will navigate the mysterious waters of e-commerce with you and help you determine which solution is right for you based on your budget, your needs, and your future strategies.

There are a whole host of ecommerce engines, ISPs and ASPs selling their ecommerce templates and engines to clients. We have experience helping businesses get their online marketplaces established. We will take the time to show you the pros and cons of the different packages available o you and help guide you in your endeavor.

Our team will help you transform your goals into measurable results by:

  1. Asking the right questions: What services should the site provide to the audience?
  2. Providing the ability to develop custom applications effectively;
  3. Integrating third-party applications; and
  4. Leveraging internally developed frameworks and tools.

Throughout the application development process, our team emphasizes:

  · Rigorous requirements definition;
  · A technical solution which will allow for orderly growth of your website and of your deployed applications;
  · Respect of the client’s time and budget constraints.

Contact us if you want a team with experience to help launch you into the e-marketplace.



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Atlantis provided an end-to-end solution that satisfied all of AIEA's functional and hosting requirements.

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