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Atlantis launches Duke's AIEA website (Association of International Education Administrators) and receives official letter of recommendation from client.

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Case Study:

Utilizing Atlantis' expertise in dynamic portal design, WomenGamers.Com quickly became the largest women’s gaming portal on the Internet. Their focus was on dynamic content, community enabling tool development, design and deployment of unique services on the Internet, and customization. Most recently it was rated one of SEVEN online publishers to watch by Metro NC and was featured in popular publications such as Barrons Magazine, ON Magazine, and the Guardian. The site has exceeded traffic of 3 million page requests per month and has peaked at 500,000 unique visitors per month.

"Beans-for-rice" web marketing won the site international attention on TV, publications, and radio.

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Atlantis designed an online game recommendation service GameQuest that has caused quite a BUZZ on the Net:

"GameQuest is a user-friendly, consumer-conscious site. It will certainly serve as a tool to recommend to constituents."

Bart Peterson
Mayor of Indianapolis

"Gynocentric gaming sites are common nowadays, but how many have their own psychologist? Dr. Kathryn Wright of Raleigh, N.C., deconstructs the likes of Lara Croft alongside the staff's reviews of games featuring "digital women" (Space Bunnies Must Die rates among the worst). Relax, guys: Three thousand titles of varying genres reside in the Game Quest recommendation system, which lets newbies browse (and purchase) titles using such criteria as violence and, yes, character gender. Sharp, slick, and XX-rated. A-"

Entertainment Weekly

" shatters stereotypes about gamers, proving that yes, women game and yes, they can kick butt."

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