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Atlantis launches Duke's AIEA website (Association of International Education Administrators) and receives official letter of recommendation from client.

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Case Study:
Duke AIEA: Association of International Education Administrators

Atlantis provided an end-to-end solution that satisfied all of AIEA's functional and hosting requirements. Specifically, AIEA's members can now pay their membership dues, register for conferences, purchase publications and have access to members-only materials online. Atlantis also provided non-members with direct access to shopping carts to register for conferences and buy publications. The e-commerce back end also automatically calculated membership rates, renewals rates, late fees, conference registration charges and cost of publications for both members and non-members. Atlantis also created a password-protected area where members can view members-only content. Finally, Atlantis created a web-based interface through which users can join AIEA, as well as renew and update their memberships.

Atlantis also provided a customized application that allows AIEA's site administrator to send emails to different types of members. There are six categories of membership and the administrator can now send emails to a particular category, or to several categories.

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"We have been extremely pleased in the work that Atlantis Internet Technologies has done for the Association of International Education Administrators, based at Duke University. The Atlantis team has been very professional in all of our interactions, responding incredibly promptly to anything we send her way. The work has been of the highest calibre and Atlantis has gone far beyond what most other similar companies would do, in terms of customer service and services rendered. Thanks to Atlantis, AIEA has now become much more professional in its own look and member services capabilities. We are deeply grateful to Atlantis for their most excellent work and highest level of customer service."

Dr. Darla K. Deardorff
Executive Director
AIEA, Duke University

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